Learn to love yourself!

Nowadays the life of a teenage girl consists out of going to school, hang out with friends and do some outdoor activities like shopping in the mall. This is where they get their ideas for new and exciting fashion. They are exposed to sexy dolls wearing lingery. Tv commercials showing the most beautiful models in skinny jeans and gorges hunks riding bikes with a girl thin as paper on his backseat. The message being sent here to teenage girls is,… they need to be super thin, wearing sexy clothes and dye their hair to the blondest color they can find.

What the commercials don’t show is that all the models are air-brushed, photo-shopped or were made to look more beautiful by any other form of enhancement. In reality almost no-one is perfect and teenage girls need to realize that before they dive in to unhealthy crash diets, my tip for them is, Eat right, excercise several times a week if you’re looking to get thinner and healthier but don’t over do it and end up with anorexia and a loss of self-esteem just cause the world is telling you to be thin and beautiful.

Learn to love your body as it is. It is who you are forever. If you are a few pounds over your calculated BMI (body mass index) try to lose those, but don’t fall into the abyss and lose yourself!!

Cosmetics and Brands

What are the better brands when it comes to cosmetics?

Every brand out there claims to have the perfect mascara for this, the perfect lipstick for that, our foundations stay on longer than….   It goes on and on. Whether it is on tv, radio, magazines or billboards, about 400 brands/manufacturers of cosmetic products are trying to sell their products by almost sticking it down your throat as you walk by a store.

What to believe? Which products actually do what is promised and how do you keep yourself from purchasing yet another cream or lotion that just won’t work for your skin or in general.

cosmetics brands 

The easiest and safest way to assure you are getting value for money is to stick with what you know will work cause you’ve used it in the past and you’re already familiar with the product or choose products from the bigger brands that lot’s of other people are using. Below is a list of well-known brands that always seem to deliver quality products and have a lot of satisfied customers. They are categorized by-product type.

FoundationClinique has an excellent range of foundations. They virtually designed one for every possibly skin type and color/tone, they are suitable for sensitive skin / oily skin / dry skin, plus they are within a reasonable price range.

Concealer – The best concealers on the market are from Estee Lauder. Touche Eclat for example is a beauty classic, it has been used for decades by women around the world. Estee Lauder is not the cheapest brand for concealer out there but you assure yourself a quality product if you decide to buy one.

Eyes – MAC cosmetics are known for their professional looking eye makeup. MAC products are of good quality and they have a huge range of colors available to match every possible skin tone.

Lips – Juicy tubes by Lancome cosmetics is probably the best lip gloss ever made. It is also available in such a wide range of colors that there’s never a need for another one. If you do need or want a different one, with Lancome you can never go wrong

The cosmetics mentioned here might not be the cheapest out there but almost guarantee satisfaction and keep you from filling up the back of your bathroom closet with products you will never use.

Applying foundation for a flawless look

How to apply foundation like a pro

Applying foundation or any other form of makeup is an art in itself. When done right it can make you look absolutely astonishing, when done wrong it can make you look like a clown on a rainy day.  With the right instructions anybody can turn a dreadful look into something fabulous.

applying foundation

First off you want to make sure that you’re using makeup products suitable for your skin-type. If your skin is oily for example, you want to be using the best foundation for oily skin available, otherwise you can wind up with an awful discoloured shiny face that’s un-fixable no matter how well you apply it. This is an important part of the process,… determine your skin-type and buy makeup accordingly!!

Once you’ve made sure that you’re using suitable products for your skin-type its time to select the perfect color. You should never deviate too much from your natural skin tone, if you do you will notice lines and differences in color between areas where you’ve applied makeup foundation and spots where you didn’t.

Try to apply the foundation as evenly as possible. The easiest way to do this is with a brush. Buy yourself a good one and you will be able to evenly apply the foundation all over your skin. Hold the brush as if you were painting something on a canvas and apply thin layers of foundation at a time to assure the amount is evenly spread out over the facial skin. As a bonus, your foundation will last longer this way!! Avoid using your hands or fingers, they can harbour oil, dirt and bacteria which can affect the health of your skin and the color of the foundation.

Your starting point should be the forehead and work your way down from there. work your way around the eye and if you want you can apply a tiny bit of foundation across your eyelid, keep brushing down over to the cheeks and even out the color that you are putting on. In the end make sure that you covered all areas of your face really well, if you want you can now set your foundation with a powder for a more matte finish.

Following these guidelines should give you a close to perfect look each and everytime!

How to determine male skin type

Male skin care

Skin care is something meant for women and the skin of a male should be left alone and takes care of itself?  Wrong!

The male skin is just as prone to aging as that of the female kind and should be taken seriously as such. Over the last decade, skin care products for men has taken a huge flight. Moisturizers, anti-aging creams, creams to fight the bags under the eyes, shaving lotions with added anti-wrinkle creams, just about anything to combat the aging of the epidermis, there are even stores and magazines that focus exclusively on shaving and male skin care.

Male skin

What product to use

The regimen you should follow depends on the condition your skin is in and the type of skin you have. Age is also a determining factor. Anti-wrinkle creams are meant for men who are 40 year or older while creams that make you look refreshed and energetic are for those past their twenties up untill their late thirties.

The most common skin type in men is a dry one, this can be identified by nearly invisible small pores and an almost transparent,thin epidermis. Men with this skin type should moisturize preferably 2 times per day to keep the pores healthy and hydrated.

If you have oily skin, which can be identified by a shiny, greasy skin layer, you should use products that cleanse the skin a little more aggressively and apply a moisturizer afterwards.

For those with a combination of the 2, combination skin. Usually this is marked by a greasy T-zone, forehead,nose and chin vs dry cheeks and neck. You should choose for products clearly marked “for combination skin” and find the right balance between moisturizing and keeping the oily parts under control.

Choose the right products and your skin texture will improve,

good luck!

Lóreal new make-up line

The new makeup line from Lóreal is to be sold by Michelle Phan. For those of you who never heard of Michelle before, she made hundreds of video’s regarding beauty products from practically every brand out there and got viewed millions and millions of times by custumors looking for information and advice before buying cosmetic products online.  It is for this reason that Carol Hamilton, President of L’Oréal Luxe, chose michelle Phan to respresent the new Lóreal makeup line for 2013.

More than half of the people shopping online watch a beauty video on youtube prior to making a decision about their beauty purchases.

Video content creators like Michelle Phan have completely changed the way people learn about and shop for makeup today, where most people used to go to the mall and bought their products at the beauty counter they now turn to their computers, surf to youtube and seach for tuts and reviews. By letting Michelle Phan represent their new cosmetics line, L’Oreal is tapping into the new ways of online consumers today.