Cosmetics and Brands

What are the better brands when it comes to cosmetics?

Every brand out there claims to have the perfect mascara for this, the perfect lipstick for that, our foundations stay on longer than….   It goes on and on. Whether it is on tv, radio, magazines or billboards, about 400 brands/manufacturers of cosmetic products are trying to sell their products by almost sticking it down your throat as you walk by a store.

What to believe? Which products actually do what is promised and how do you keep yourself from purchasing yet another cream or lotion that just won’t work for your skin or in general.

cosmetics brands 

The easiest and safest way to assure you are getting value for money is to stick with what you know will work cause you’ve used it in the past and you’re already familiar with the product or choose products from the bigger brands that lot’s of other people are using. Below is a list of well-known brands that always seem to deliver quality products and have a lot of satisfied customers. They are categorized by-product type.

FoundationClinique has an excellent range of foundations. They virtually designed one for every possibly skin type and color/tone, they are suitable for sensitive skin / oily skin / dry skin, plus they are within a reasonable price range.

Concealer – The best concealers on the market are from Estee Lauder. Touche Eclat for example is a beauty classic, it has been used for decades by women around the world. Estee Lauder is not the cheapest brand for concealer out there but you assure yourself a quality product if you decide to buy one.

Eyes – MAC cosmetics are known for their professional looking eye makeup. MAC products are of good quality and they have a huge range of colors available to match every possible skin tone.

Lips – Juicy tubes by Lancome cosmetics is probably the best lip gloss ever made. It is also available in such a wide range of colors that there’s never a need for another one. If you do need or want a different one, with Lancome you can never go wrong

The cosmetics mentioned here might not be the cheapest out there but almost guarantee satisfaction and keep you from filling up the back of your bathroom closet with products you will never use.

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