Learn to love yourself!

Nowadays the life of a teenage girl consists out of going to school, hang out with friends and do some outdoor activities like shopping in the mall. This is where they get their ideas for new and exciting fashion. They are exposed to sexy dolls wearing lingery. Tv commercials showing the most beautiful models in skinny jeans and gorges hunks riding bikes with a girl thin as paper on his backseat. The message being sent here to teenage girls is,… they need to be super thin, wearing sexy clothes and dye their hair to the blondest color they can find.

What the commercials don’t show is that all the models are air-brushed, photo-shopped or were made to look more beautiful by any other form of enhancement. In reality almost no-one is perfect and teenage girls need to realize that before they dive in to unhealthy crash diets, my tip for them is, Eat right, excercise several times a week if you’re looking to get thinner and healthier but don’t over do it and end up with anorexia and a loss of self-esteem just cause the world is telling you to be thin and beautiful.

Learn to love your body as it is. It is who you are forever. If you are a few pounds over your calculated BMI (body mass index) try to lose those, but don’t fall into the abyss and lose yourself!!

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