How to determine male skin type

Male skin care

Skin care is something meant for women and the skin of a male should be left alone and takes care of itself?  Wrong!

The male skin is just as prone to aging as that of the female kind and should be taken seriously as such. Over the last decade, skin care products for men has taken a huge flight. Moisturizers, anti-aging creams, creams to fight the bags under the eyes, shaving lotions with added anti-wrinkle creams, just about anything to combat the aging of the epidermis, there are even stores and magazines that focus exclusively on shaving and male skin care.

Male skin

What product to use

The regimen you should follow depends on the condition your skin is in and the type of skin you have. Age is also a determining factor. Anti-wrinkle creams are meant for men who are 40 year or older while creams that make you look refreshed and energetic are for those past their twenties up untill their late thirties.

The most common skin type in men is a dry one, this can be identified by nearly invisible small pores and an almost transparent,thin epidermis. Men with this skin type should moisturize preferably 2 times per day to keep the pores healthy and hydrated.

If you have oily skin, which can be identified by a shiny, greasy skin layer, you should use products that cleanse the skin a little more aggressively and apply a moisturizer afterwards.

For those with a combination of the 2, combination skin. Usually this is marked by a greasy T-zone, forehead,nose and chin vs dry cheeks and neck. You should choose for products clearly marked “for combination skin” and find the right balance between moisturizing and keeping the oily parts under control.

Choose the right products and your skin texture will improve,

good luck!