Applying foundation for a flawless look

How to apply foundation like a pro

Applying foundation or any other form of makeup is an art in itself. When done right it can make you look absolutely astonishing, when done wrong it can make you look like a clown on a rainy day.  With the right instructions anybody can turn a dreadful look into something fabulous.

applying foundation

First off you want to make sure that you’re using makeup products suitable for your skin-type. If your skin is oily for example, you want to be using the best foundation for oily skin available, otherwise you can wind up with an awful discoloured shiny face that’s un-fixable no matter how well you apply it. This is an important part of the process,… determine your skin-type and buy makeup accordingly!!

Once you’ve made sure that you’re using suitable products for your skin-type its time to select the perfect color. You should never deviate too much from your natural skin tone, if you do you will notice lines and differences in color between areas where you’ve applied makeup foundation and spots where you didn’t.

Try to apply the foundation as evenly as possible. The easiest way to do this is with a brush. Buy yourself a good one and you will be able to evenly apply the foundation all over your skin. Hold the brush as if you were painting something on a canvas and apply thin layers of foundation at a time to assure the amount is evenly spread out over the facial skin. As a bonus, your foundation will last longer this way!! Avoid using your hands or fingers, they can harbour oil, dirt and bacteria which can affect the health of your skin and the color of the foundation.

Your starting point should be the forehead and work your way down from there. work your way around the eye and if you want you can apply a tiny bit of foundation across your eyelid, keep brushing down over to the cheeks and even out the color that you are putting on. In the end make sure that you covered all areas of your face really well, if you want you can now set your foundation with a powder for a more matte finish.

Following these guidelines should give you a close to perfect look each and everytime!